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Filing Deadline and Virtual Town Hall

Iraq War Veteran, former AUSA, Attorney Terence O’Rourke to hold first Virtual Town Hall in conjunction with the filing of his Congressional run for NH’s First District

Rochester, N.H. - While many candidates for Congress will be using the Secretary of State’s filing deadline this coming week as another opportunity to throw a party or ask supporters to join a rally, O’Rourke, in a demonstration of humility, will not be making a display of his Congressional filing.  O’Rourke’s rallying does not coincide with convenient, yet arbitrary deadlines; as the only combat veteran and formerly-appointed Assistant U.S. Attorney in this race, O’Rourke has and will continue to stand guard to protect this great nation, 24/7.  

Our campaign will continue to be about connecting with voters, engaging in substantive conversations, and answering your questions. Our campaign understands that voters are busy with work and family, and cannot always make it to “official” events and meetings, which is why O’Rourke for Congress will be holding its first of many Virtual Town Halls on Facebook Live this Friday, June 8th, at 7pm EST to answer your questions and discuss issues that are important to you.  You may submit your questions or comments via email at: campaign@orourkeforcongress.com or through the campaign’s Facebook page: facebook.com/TerenceforNHDistrict1/.  Join the conversation and join the struggle to reclaim our nation!

Terence at the candidate forum

Highlights of Terence from the Candidate Forum

Terence at the Candidate Forum hosted by the Portsmouth Democratic Committee on April 18, 2018.

Viewing guide by time:
00:00:03 Intro - "I am Terence O'Rourke and I am not for sale."

00:18:43 Criminal Justice reform

00:28:07 Gun legislation

00:42:12 Money in politics as it relates to the environment

00:59:56 Taxes

01:01:40 LGBTQ rights and transgender members serving in the military

01:07:59 Syria

01:22:22 How to get change done

01:32:45 Abortion

01:38:01 Housing and employment affordability and infrastructure

01:45:09 Campaign finance reform

01:55:20 Closing: "I only have two concerns when I go to Washington -- Your best interest and my conscience and when you have people who go to DC like that, you don't get wars in Syria; you don't get wars in Iraq; you don't get endless wars in this country; you don't get income inequality; you don't get tax bills like what we just saw come out of Washington and you certainly don't get democrats voting to gut Dodd Frank, the one thing that's protecting us from Wall Street."

terence in the media

Terence on NH1.com with Vanessa Pelange

Stop the Opium from Ever Leaving Afghanistan': O'Rourke Running in NH's 1st CD

Terence's Interview with Paul Steinhauser

Terence O'Rourke on why he's best choice for Congress

Terence on NHPR's The Exchange

Watch or listen to Terence address U.S. military involvement abroad, healthcare reform at home, guns, opioids, and how he'll take the fight to D.C. when elected.

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