Thank you to everyone who voted. We had a good run, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

For New Hampshire's First Congressional District


Terence is a dedicated, life-long public servant; he was an Army Officer; Assistant County Attorney in Rockingham County, acting as the Mental Health Court coordinator; Assistant U.S.

Attorney in Huntsville, AL, where he served as a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force; Senior Assistant County Attorney in Carroll County; elected to be a local budget committee member (still currently serving); and selected to be a federal Criminal Justice Act Panel Attorney. He is currently the Rochester City Attorney, Department Head for the City of Rochester’s Legal Department, and staff liaison to the Codes and Ordinances Committee.

Terence is a Combat Veteran, having earned a Bronze Star Service Medal and Combat Action Badge. His service has prepared him for the tough fight ahead.

Terence was elected to his local budget committee for four budget cycles, where he was often the deciding vote that allowed the school and town budgets to pass.

Terence’s extensive litigation experience means he is a powerful advocate; is always prepared; has the ability to adjust and adapt to changing situations; can think on his feet; and is skilled at public speaking, particularly as it relates to understanding and interpreting laws.

Terence has presented cases in numerous district/circuit courts throughout NH, various County Superior Courts, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the Federal District Court in New Hampshire, as well as numerous federal courts in Alabama.

As Rochester’s City Attorney in particular, but also as a lawyer and litigator generally, Terence is prepared to “hit the ground running” and meet his Congressional duties head-on, as it is, quite literally, Terence’s job to suggest, draft, prepare, present, modify and interpret laws on a daily basis.