Terence has deep ties to New Hampshire. His mother, Kathryn O'Rourke, who currently resides in New Durham, was born and raised in Durham. O'Rourke's maternal grandmother was Eleanor King Murphy of Deerfield. His maternal lineage traces back to the Mayflower and the King family has a long history of public service, notably to the town of Deerfield, its school board, and the Deerfield Fair Association.

Terence's paternal grandparents lived in Lee for 20 years. His grandmother, Madeline O'Rourke, then resided in Nashua for an additional 10 years.

Both of O'Rourke's parents attended the University of New Hampshire. 


Upon completion of his military service in 2007, Terence chose to return to New Hampshire. In addition to serving as Rochester's first city attorney, he is an active resident of Alton and served on the town's budget committee until recently.  The family frequents community events around the district. Follow him @TerenceMOrourke


Terence pledges to serve the First District to bring about much-needed change to Washington D.C.  He is also committed to continue raising his young children in New Hampshire and will work to ensure his children and yours continue to have a safe and happy upbringing.