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Priorities and Expertise

Coping with crises and with failures seems to be the new normal. Terence O’Rourke has been there through all the changes, adapting when necessary, and always producing results.

As an Army Officer, he led Soldiers in combat and brought them all home safely. As a county prosecutor, he ensured justice was done – be it by diverting a defendant to opioid treatment before it was the issue du jour or putting a child rapist behind bars for life. As a federal prosecutor, he rooted out corruption in government contracting, investigated many of the financial crimes that led to the mortgage crisis, and obtained guilty verdicts in cases brought against the leaders of drug organizations that are poisoning our citizens. He has argued before the New Hampshire Supreme Court on numerous occasions and he has been there for Rochester, as its attorney, most recently overseeing its own election recount. 

Terence O’Rourke: always adapting, always producing results.

Terence O’Rourke has been providing results as a dedicated public servant through it all. He has seen deferred decisions and lack of foresight spawning too many failures and crises. . . .

and, like you, he is sick of it. In Congress, with your help, he will work to build a better world and a better nation for his children, the good people of New Hampshire, and the great citizens of

this nation.

The Issues

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